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Crew Call for Saturday Morning January 11th

posted Jan 10, 2014, 8:10 PM by Stephen Howe
Justin, Meredith, and Skippy @ 9am. Woolley @ 10am.

Do physical notes first. An add on Boom 1 L+R and some more Q-light masking notes. Plus some color burning and a bad circuit in one of the SR mini strips.

Focus notes 11am > 12pm.  Q-notes with Paul from 12:30pm > 1pm.

Setup Tech Tables {Director, SM in Aisle} Wait till Woolley gets in to do this.  He has the exact lowdown.

Amber in @ 5:30pm to help Paul + Woolley strike tech tables and poss dinner notes. 

Tuesday Morning will shift to a 9am start from the posted 10am start. All crew called for 10am on Tuesday will be in at 9am instead. (blame the tree)