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Crew Call for the Morning of April 10th

posted Apr 9, 2014, 8:33 PM by Stephen Howe
Lots to do in lighting land -

Here is the rundown -  8am  setup TECH TABLES (same as the last few days, main tables and SM table)  , turn on light board, Fly in ACT 1 Wall

8:30 am > 9:30am  Look at lighting problems in ACT 1  

8:30 am > 9:30 am   Swap out 2 - 19's for 26's.  Also, strike some unused units on center balc rail and retask shoe box dimmers.

9:30 am > 10:30 am  Focus two new adds and look at levels with Joan.

10:30am > 12:30pm  More levels with Joan + Stephen

Once levels start and notes are covered, the other crew should hang the Rehearsal room light plot.  

MARRIAGE TBA Notes Call - Check McC StageOpsPaul(8:30 am-12:00 pm), Dave, Anne, JimS, 
 12:30 - 5p
MARRIAGE Onstage Rehearsal with Tech (12:30-5pm)Steve, Paul, JustinH, Bill, ChrisW, Skippy, Meredith, Kristina, SteveD, RyanH