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Crew Call Thursday Morning October 17th

posted Oct 16, 2013, 7:07 PM by Stephen Howe
RUN CREW in @ 1pm for actors onstage at 2pm.  Skippy in at 12:30pm to power up.

8 am crew will put out tech tables and then add a LEG to LS-36.  The leg needs to come from LS-47.  The legs on 47 that are not being used for 36 should all get struck and fold + roll.  When you bring LS-47 in, you must also bring in the cable pick on LS-41.  The new legs on 36 should start at the end of the RP and extend to the side tab. The legs want to float 8' off of the stage floor.  PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME!  WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT HIT THE PROJECTOR PLATFORM AND DO NOT MOVE THE RP. 

TECH TABLES - Center table for Dan, Daniel, and Alison.  Director Table and Costume Table.   No Sound and No projection tables.

Focus Notes onstage @ 10:30am.  We will need two carps to help with picker.  We do have some adds on the balcony rails and FOH.  No overstage adds.