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Crew Hotline for Friday October 18th.

posted Oct 17, 2013, 7:08 PM by Stephen Howe
11am  -  Amber, Matt, Anne, Ben, work on prepping ahead for specials and Much Ado

10am - Paul working on recording info for White Snake and other stuff.

Steve in at 1pm.

Skippy in at 3:30pm to power up all the projectors.

Run Crew @  4pm.  
We should hang the kabuki drop right away.  We will run the light Q that goes with the drop falling a couple of times to look at a new timing.  

After that, we want to stretch the RP a little, and we are also going to speed up one of the elevator down cues.  We also want to look at one of the rain droppers on RAIN #1. Dinner will be from 5:30pm > 6:30pm.   

No actor rehearsal.  No TECH TABLES.

BERLIND CONCERT CREW in @ 1pm to setup backline and do a line check.  (the act may now arrive as early as 2:30pm)