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posted Dec 8, 2016, 5:39 PM by Stephen Howe
Electrics and Woolley @ 9 am

Run Crew @ 12 pm.  Right at 12 pm please rig the KABUKI!  I repeat @ 12 pm PLEASE RIG THE KABUKI.  Actors will be on stage at 12:15 pm.

We will put the stairs and Counting House back in the Act 2 position, but please double check me when you get in.  

The afternoon will start after the stairs have exited with the FSB in.  Once we get through the show, we will do a few Act 2 notes, and then we will switch back to Act 1.  For the last hour of the afternoon we will do Act 1 notes.  At the end of the afternoon we will strike tech tables and then go to dinner.  

It is quite possible that everyone on the deck crew will be in for the one hour call before the Saturday matinee.

Please do not be late tomorrow.  I am not calling anyone for the morning, but we have to all be here for a 12 pm start.

THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK!  It is paying off.