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posted Nov 26, 2014, 11:57 AM by Stephen Howe
If you are wondering, the show is still on tonight.  Remember that you can park for free in the deck.

Just in case you did not see this, here is the Closure policy.

McCarter Theatre will typically endeavor to remain open during inclement weather. Emergency delays or closures will be used only when McCarter determines that it is unsafe or impractical for employees to report to work. Final decisions on emergency closures are made by the General Manager and Managing Director with consultation from department heads as needed.
Messages related to inclement weather or other emergencies will be left on the Staff Notification Hotline, which may be accessed by dialing (609) 258-6500, and pressing 5 when you hear the initial message. Notification of a delay or closure will be made as early as possible and in most cases no later than 6:15 am.
The decision to close any given department is subject to the schedule of the day and the severity of the situation. McCarter may treat the following groups separately: administrative offices, ticket office, stage operations, production shops, rehearsal and performance personnel.
When an emergency closure can be anticipated or when the work is accessible, some employees may be expected to complete work from home. This work may include things such as emails, phone calls, research, or piece work from the shops that can be easily done from a remote location.
If the theater is closed, and there is no suitable time to make up the work that had been scheduled, full-time employees (exempt & non-exempt) will still receive their minimum base work week. Employees who are not scheduled to work on the day of a closure will not be eligible for pay for that day. Part-time and casual employees will not be paid for days that are not worked.
If an employee has previously designated the day of a closure as a vacation day, the day will still be counted as a vacation day.
If the theater is open, but an employee feels that travel from their home to McCarter is not safe, they may use their own personal or vacation time. Employees must notify their supervisor if they will not be at work.