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March 8th - Part Two

posted Mar 7, 2020, 7:47 PM by Stephen Howe
8 am      Dave, MichelleP,  JamesP, Jesse, Brit, RobS                Big Set Note, Then Electrics notes and focus.   

9:30 am    Add Michael

12 pm    Deck Crew (ready to dry tech end of act 2 at 12:30pm with unit downstage and rig set outside of SR and rover ready to go.)

2 pm      Add Paul

Big Set note is  -  Level Chandelier,  Then Straighten Candles, Then Straighten the shades.  (The chandelier can keep tie lie, it just needs to be adjusted so it is level.)  Why do we think the candles and shades got so wonky?

Clean up leaves.  

Put the double fuzzy box on wheels.  The double fuzzy box is used to prop up the snowsplosion.  It has to be rolled into place quickly.  If you have to use more than one set of wheels, we must have one of the short sides of the box be even with the dolly.  This way we can get the fuzzy box as close as possible to the wagon unit.

Electrics notes.  Focus Notes.

If there is time, please paint unpainted sections of the winch track.