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Thursday September 10th

posted Sep 9, 2015, 8:22 PM by Stephen Howe

9a - 12p


Morning Notes

Meredith, Amber, ChrisW, Skippy, Dave,

One railing note, A couple of lighting notes, Amber work on building Tiger Night Cues. Skippy fix problem with FOH BARCO in Matthews.  At 11:30am, fly in RP and Softgoods in Matthews.
No Steve or Paul until 11:30am, but call cell if need be.   

Railing Note - Dave call Steve.
Lighting Notes - Skippy and Meredith.  Add a light and adjust some practicals.  Skippy, Paul, and Steve will do focus notes at 11:30am with Eddie.
SHARE folks will drop off furniture and props to Matthews between 10:30am > 11am.

Woolley, Meredith,  and Amber set softgoods and other gear for Share rehearsal from 11:30 - 12pm.