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Wednesday Morning APRIL 9th

posted Apr 8, 2014, 8:29 PM by Stephen Howe
Well things went fairly well tonight.  We will start the day with a few physical notes and then we will do some levels.ould come in 

Focus @ 9 on about a dozen lights.  We have a few star drop notes in terms of covering some of the stars with duv tape.

Top of call - the Act 5 wall should go away and the Act 3/4 wall should come in and get the temporary jacks on it again so we can lower the curtain rods.  We should use the blue lift for this note and the JLG for the paint note.

JimS or Steve should power up the light board before 9am.

8a - 12p
MatthwMARRIAGE TBA Notes Call - Check McC StageOpsPaul(9 am-12:00 pm), Dave(8am - 12:30pm), Anne, Ben, JimS