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Wednesday October 12th

posted Oct 11, 2016, 6:43 PM by Stephen Howe
Moring Crew schedule as is at 9 am.  Amber at 10 am. Setup Tech tables first.  Tech tables are -  Full center tech tables and Director table.   No sound, No Costumes.  Only need one monitor for LD.

Woolley meets Sound Designer at 10:30 am so he can build one new sound cue before he leaves town.

Paul in at 12:30pm  to cover lighting console.  (ALD is leaving after the afternoon.)  The boiggest number of lighting notes is in Scene 4 which we will be doing first.  They want Paul to cover this time so he can be on top of it for the evening performance.  Paul to go to post show 
meeting in Green Room.

Bill needs to go to post show meeting, so Skippy must cover the sound console for post show discussion on Wednesday and Thursday.

Kristina and Michelle at noon.  We are starting in Scene 4, so set for end of play.

Dave and Skippy in at 12:30pm